Top 5 Microwaves with Gold Accents to Create a Luxury Cooking Space

Adding gold accents here and there in your living space help create a luxurious look for the room’s design.

To tie together the overall aesthetic, the kitchen is a big part of it as well. When it comes to decorating the kitchen, having kitchen appliances that come with gold accents is a great idea.

In today’s blog post, we will outline the best microwaves with gold accents available nowadays. Also, we’ll demonstrate how these microwaves with gold accents would give your interiors a luxurious touch and make your cooking tasks easier.

5 Best Microwaves with Gold Accents Available Today

These microwave ovens with gold accents will not only add a touch of elegance to your cooking space, but also can help you easily prepare your meals.

Moccha Compact Retro Microwave Oven

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This compact, affordable microwave oven with gold accents is a solid example of how kitchen appliances can be both appealing and practical.

The Moccha microwave with gold accents comes with a compact footprint so it would be a great fit for small spaces.

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Though the footprint is small, it has a 0.7 cu. Ft. cooking capacity which could easily meet the cooking needs of an individual or a small family.

It offers pretty straightforward controls and easy-to-read display, too. With the large LED display, you can clearly see the remaining cooking time so it would be safe for you to prepare other cooking ingredients while waiting.

And the large dial knob makes it easy to set the cooking time. Also, this microwave comes with a sturdy golden door handle. The handle is designed with gold accents so it can tie together the room’s aesthetic. There’s more to it, the door handle is extremely easy-to-grasp and thus makes the door easy-to-open.

There are 5 power levels and 6 pre programs to assist you make delicious meals. The auto cooking settings allow you to cook popular foods like popcorn, pizza, potatoes, veggies and more with one touch.

Cafe Over the Range Microwave with Gold Accents

Cafe Over the Range Microwave

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If you are looking for an over-the-range microwave oven with gold accents, then the Cafe CVM517P4RW2 is the way to go.

This over-the-range microwave with gold accents is aesthetic, yet powerful. It has so many high-end features that would bring your cooking to the next level.

It offers multiple cooking methods that could help you achieve all kinds of cooking possibilities. There is a steam cook button so you can effortlessly make healthy and delicious food.

When you crave something crispy and savoury, the air fry cooking option can help you make healthy fried food with no oil needed.

The over-the-range microwave with gold accents also allows you to combine the convection and microwave cooking methods to deliver fast and quality cooking results.

With the smart sensor cooking function, you can cook a wide range of food with one press of the button, no guesswork needed.

Design-wise, there’s more to love about this microwave with gold accents. It has a stainless steel interior that is extremely durable and easy-to-clean.

JOY Compact Countertop Microwave Oven

JOY Compact Countertop Microwave Oven
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The JOY microwave oven is one of the more compact microwaves you can opt for to create a luxuriously styled cooking space.

Also, it’s an affordable option so it’s perfect for those who have a limited budget but don’t want to compromise on aesthetics.

This JOY microwave with gold accents is hard to beat when it comes to overall design in its price range. For only $83.55 at the time we reviewed it, you will get a pretty decent and quality microwave with gold accents.

Although it’s inexpensive, you won’t find it cheap at all. For the material, it has a stainless steel finish which is easy-to-clean and hard-wearing. And for the design, it comes with a large LED display that is really easy-to-read.

It makes an ideal option for apartments, dorms, office break rooms, or those who want to save valuable kitchen countertop space, for it has a compact body and small footprint.

With 10 power levels, it could easily fulfil your cooking needs. And it allows you to seamlessly have a wide range of popular foods prepared with the auto cooking menus.

It comes with well-thought-out features that you don’t commonly find among budget microwave ovens. For example, it comes with the child safety lock feature that enables you to lock the microwave to prevent unwanted access and operation.

HADEN Vintage Countertop Microwave Oven

HADEN Vintage Countertop Microwave Oven
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This HADEN vintage microwave is a great microwave oven with gold accents that focuses on the ease of use.

It especially excels at the simple design. Instead of having all those complicated control pads, this microwave with gold accents has a big dial knob and 4 buttons on the control panel.

The controls are surprisingly easy-to-understand and straightforward. Therefore, you don’t need to spend hours on the user manual. You could easily turn the dial knob to set the cooking time or weight and use the buttons for other features.

It has a cooking capacity of 0.7 cu. Ft. and 700 watts of cooking power. It won’t be the best pick for big families. However, it could get the job done for individuals and small families.

ZLINE MWOZ-24-G Built-in convection microwave

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath Built-In Microwave

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ZLINE MWOZ-24-G Built-in convection microwave with gold accents is a high-end option that can handle heavy-duty cooking tasks well.

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The very first thing you would notice and love about this built-in microwave is its sleek stainless steel finish paired with Polished Gold accents. They would smoothly create an elegant and luxurious vibe for your kitchen.

Another great feature of the built-in microwave with gold accents is the stainless steel interior. It ensures both longevity and effortless cleaning.

Featuring a large 1.55 cu. ft. cooking area and 1000 Watts of cooking power, it could serve the cooking demands of a large household or a business operation.

It boasts different cooking modes including convection cooking, microwave cooking and broiling. Therefore, it could make dishes with different textures and achieve all kinds of delicious results.

For better cooking results, it also comes with a microwave rack. The wire rack makes it possible to maximise the performance for baking, roasting and grilling in the microwave.

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