Comparing Microwave Drawer and Microwave with Drop Down Door

The microwave drawer and microwaves with drop down door are both excellent choices for households. Some functionalities of microwave drawers and microwaves with drop down doors overlap, but they are different in some ways. And one might do better in certain scenarios.

Microwave drawer vs. microwave with drop down door, which is a better option? We’re here to help you decide between a microwave drawer and a microwave with drop down door.


When shopping for a microwave oven, the installation is no doubt one of the most important factors to consider.

Microwave drawers are commonly installed in kitchen islands or base cabinets below countertops. And microwaves with drop down door are especially popular in wall cabinets that are at your eye level.

With a microwave drawer, you’ll need to bend down to get prepared foods. With a drop-down-door microwave, you’ll just have to retrieve prepared dishes at eye level.

It’s hard to say which way is better. Bending down sounds like a hassle, but it’s a lot safer to get hot dishes from a lower level than from a higher level.

Also, considering their built-in installation, they are incredibly space-saving. Compared to a countertop microwave oven, they would save you much valuable countertop space.

In terms of installation, both microwave drawer and microwave both require professional installation. If you want to make sure that they are perfectly installed, it’s always a good idea to contact the pros for stress-free installation.


One of the biggest differences between microwave drawer and microwave with drop down door is the design.

The microwave drawer comes with a cavity that pulls out like a regular kitchen drawer. And the microwave with drop down door, just like its name, comes with a drop-down door.

Both of them are pretty convenient to use, even for left-handed people. With a drop down door or a pull out door, you can temporarily place your dishes there when needed to.

And they can make your kitchen look modern and stylish. Either a microwave drawer or a microwave with drop down door has a sleek look and can refresh the overall look of the kitchen.


Recent microwave drawers and microwaves with drop down door have custom cooking time and multi-level cooking powers, along with lots of preset menus.

You can find well-thought-out features, like keep warm feature, child safety lock and steam cooking function, in both options.

That is to say, both microwave drawer and microwave with drop down door are very reliable when it comes to cooking features.


I think we all agree on this — cleaning an appliance is the hard part in the kitchen.

I’m afraid a microwave drawer might let you down in this part. With more parts and angles needed to clean, a microwave drawer will cost you more time and energy to maintain.

One of the biggest benefits of a microwave with drop down door is that it’s easier to clean every time you finish cooking.

Especially when it’s a drop-down-door microwave with stainless steel interior, you could just wipe off the stain and spills with a damp cloth.

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The cost is one of the deciding factors that many consider when shopping for a microwave. Both microwave drawer and microwave with drop down door costs more than a regular countertop microwave oven.

However, they also come with more features, and they are better built overall. Therefore, it’s worth it in the long run.

The average cost of a reliable, branded microwave drawer range from $800 – $1600. And the price of a reliable microwave with drop down door goes from $1000 to $22000.

Microwave Drawer vs. Microwave with Drop Down Door: Which should you choose?

So then, microwave drawer or microwave with drop down door: which one should you get? Both options have their pros and cons. They are similarly reliable and capable of many of the same functions.
As with many purchase decisions, it’s totally up to you. You just need to find out what you value most in a microwave oven.

What will help you decide? A fine understanding of your cooking needs and a clear layout of your kitchen will definitely help!

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