How to Microwave Delicata Squash in Minutes

With its delicate, edible skin and creamy flesh, it’s no wonder delicata squashes are becoming a popular menu item. With all that flavor and texture, you might assume cooking a delicate squash will take some time. But the good news is that you can get the job done with your microwave in minutes! And this is exactly what we are going to show you today – How to microwave delicata squash using microwaving without losing its nutrients quickly and perfectly.

How to Microwave Delicata Squash – Recipe

Step 1. Wash and cut the delicata squash

Wash the rind of a delicata squash under running water and remove the dirt on the rind gently with hands or a brush.

Although the rind is edible, if you don’t like to eat the rind, it’s ok to peel it as well.

Get a long, thin knife to cut the delicata squash in half lengthwise, and removes the seed from the squash halves with a spoon or fruit knife.

For people who like squash slices, cut the squash halves into slices. There is no standard thickness, you can cut them into 0.5 cm to 2 cm accordingly.

Step 2. Season the squash (Optional)

Usually, I’d like to cook delicata squashes without adding extra ingredients to make it healthier. But you can always spray some olive oil and sprinkle the squash with salt and black pepper to add a little flavor to the dish.

Step 3. Microwave the delicata squash

Place the squash halves or slides in a microwave-safe bowl/dish. If you prefer to keep the moisture of the squash, cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Turn your microwave on and set it on high power, cook the delicata squash in the microwave for 8 – 12 minutes.

How long should you microwave delicata squashes?

It depends on the size of the squash, how you cut the squash, and the power of your microwave. If you put the delicata squash halves into the microwave, it normally takes about 10 minutes to fully cook the squash, and rotating the dish within 5 – 6 minutes is recommended. For squash slides, it costs less time and it usually takes 7- 8 minutes. After microwaving delicata squash, don’t forget to let it cool for 5 minutes before severing.

What’s the difference between microwaving delicata squash halves and slides?

There are several ways to cut the delicata squash before microwaving. Squash halves take a bit longer to get cooked but squash halves will retain more moisture after the microwaving process while cutting slides help you to cook a big squash faster but the texture is drier than halves.

Can I microwave a whole delicata squash without cutting it?

Yes, you don’t have to peel the rind and cut the squash at all. But this method requires the longest microwaving time (15 – 18 minutes). And you need to flip the squash in the microwave to get every side evenly cooked every 5 minutes.

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