Danby DBMW1120BWW 1.1 Cu. ft. Microwave Review 2024

When it comes to microwave ovens, Danby wouldn’t be the first name that crosses the buyer’s mind. There are bigger names like Panasonic, Toshiba, GE and so on. The Danby 1.1 Cu. ft. microwave simply is not the most popular model on the market, but it is more affordable.

So how does the Danby 1.1 Cu. ft. microwave stack up for price, durability and features.

Let’s get cracking to find out!

Price When Reviewed

Danby DBMW1120BWW 1.1 Cu. ft. Microwave
To the shop

The Danby DBMW1120BWW 1.1 Cu. ft. microwave is priced at $119 on Amazon. It definitely is a reasonable price for a 1.1 cu. Ft. microwave oven. And it’s more affordable than other options from leading brands.

Just because it’s on the inexpensive side doesn’t mean it won’t work like a microwave with big names. Let’s dig deeper and see if it’s worth your hard-earn money.

Design & Build

The Danby 1.1 cu. ft. microwave looks modern and stylish, and also, it’s all white. Hence, it can easily align with the current aesthetic design of your kitchen.

The exterior of the model looks sleek thanks to its touchpad control panel. And the no handle design gives the microwave oven a seamless look. And another merit of the push-button door is that it’s way more easy to clean than those that have a handle. It would save you so much effort and time in the long run.

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  • Item Weight: 34.2 pounds
  • Capacity: 1.1 Cubic Feet
  • Wattage: 1000 Watts
  • Turntable: 12.4” glass turntable

The Danby microwave has a 1.1 Cubic feet capacity, which is sufficient for four servings. And, the 1000 watts of cooking power helps you bring dinner to the table quickly.

The 12.4” glass turntable is big enough to fit most dinner plates, and it will ensure evenly prepared dishes.


As for the features part, the Danby 1.1 Cubic feet microwave won’t disappoint. There are 6 convenient auto cook options for popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetables, beverage and dinner plate. Therefore, you can have these foods prepared with ease.

The auto defrost options are there to help defrost food items by time or weight, no guesswork required. And the add 30 seconds button is another convenient feature. It allows you to add additional cooking time by 30 seconds with one press of the button.

Another well-thought-out feature of this model is the control lock out option. It lets you lock the control panel to prevent unintentional access and operation. If you have little ones, this feature would be important and helpful.

However, one obvious draw here is that it lacks premium features. For example, having some of the premium features like the smart sensor cooking, soften/melt function and steam cooking functions would be nice.

Should you buy the Danby 1.1 cu. ft. microwave?

The Danby 1.1 cu. ft. microwave is an affordable microwave oven that gets the job done. And it will work perfectly for a medium-sized family. It has the basic features to fulfil daily cooking tasks. It offers a one-year warranty like big brands do.

However, it has a limited number of premium features. If this doesn’t bother you, we would say it’s a sound investment.

If you want a microwave oven that gets the job done and makes your daily cooking easier, and you don’t want to pay extra money for high-end features, then the Danby 1.1 cu. ft. microwave is definitely a great choice at the price.

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