Best Microwaves with Yogurt Function – How to Make Yogurt with Microwave?

I think we can all agree that microwaves revolutionise how we reheat and cook our daily foods. They make everything about cooking a lot easier than before.

Imagine this, now microwaves could help you easily make homemade yogurt. It certainly takes microwave cooking to a whole new level.

If you are looking for the best microwaves with yogurt function, this guide can help you decide which mode is right for your kitchen. Also, we would share the easy microwave yogurt recipe in this blog post.

Let’s dive in!

What Is a Yogurt Function in a Microwave?

The yogurt function in a microwave oven is a feature designed to help users make yogurt at home.

It features advanced fermentation technology that automatically sets the proper temperature for making yogurt.

It would bring you great convenience during the crucial process of making yogurt.

Are Microwaves with Yogurt Function Healthy?

Since the yogurt function significantly simplifies the process of making homemade yogurt, does it make the yogurt less healthy?

You can rest assured that the yogurt function of the microwave oven won’t sacrifice the nutrition of the yogurt or make it any less healthy.

It simply offers you the convenient way to make healthy homemade yogurt with the ingredients you already have at hand.

Best Microwaves with Yogurt Function Available Today

I’m afraid that we have to tell you there aren’t many microwaves with yogurt functions available till the day we wrote this review.

However, you can still find a few quality microwave ovens with yogurt function. Below are our top picks.

Samsung Convection Microwave Oven MC28H5013AS/EU

For £89, this Samsung convection microwave oven is one of the most affordable and quality microwaves with yogurt function on the market.

The microwave comes with a 28L cooking capacity, so it can fit large dinner plates and thus fulfil the cooking needs of a family. With 900 Watts of cooking power, you can expect meals to be done in a short time.

You would love the fact that this microwave has an anti-bacterial and scratch-resistant cavity, making it easy to clean and extremely durable.

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Most importantly, it has the yogurt function you’ve been looking for. It enables you to effortlessly make delicious homemade yoghurt.

This microwave oven would provide you with a lot of cooking possibilities beside making homemade yogurt. With the convection cooking and grill function, you could easily make crispy food and achieve barbecue-like results with these cooking methods.

Whirlpool 20L Magicook PRO 20SE Digital Solo Microwave Oven

If you’re looking for a quality microwave oven with yogurt function, you can’t go wrong with the Whirlpool 20L Magicook PRO 20SE microwave. It is the best option for families who are serious about investing time in the kitchen and fulfilling different cooking tasks.

It has a 20L cooking capacity and 700 Watts of cooking power, so you can have most day-to-day cooking needs fulfilled with the microwave.

Though it’s not an expensive microwave oven, it’s got the convenient features you’d ask for.

For the noticeable part, it’s got a large LED display to clearly show the settings and all. And it comes with a superior powder coated cavity which is magically easy to clean.

There are auto-cook menus and 5 power levels to help you effortlessly bring delicious meals to the table.

How to Easily Make Homemade Yogurt with the Microwave Yogurt Function?

With the yogurt function on the microwave oven, there’s no need for you to fuss over setting cooking times or power levels. Therefore, it’s pretty straightforward and easy to make homemade yogurt with the microwave yogurt function. Also, the ingredients are super easy to get.


  • 500ml of fresh milk
  • 200ml of natural yogurt


  • A microwave-safe bowl
  • Saran wrap
  • Egg beater

Homemade yogurt recipe:

  1. Pour the fresh milk and natural yogurt in the bowl. And have them fully mixed using the egg beater. If you don’t have an egg beater, a spoon would do but it could be less effective.
  2. Cover the bowl with some microwave-safe saran wrap. Then put it in the microwave oven.
  3. Activate the yogurt function on the microwave and let it sit for the Auto Fermentation process.
  4. The process usually would take hours. When the Auto Fermentation process is finished, you will see it’s got the pudding-like texture and you’d know it’s ready.

At this point, you could serve the delicious, warm homemade yogurt with some raspberries, blueberries or other fruit you like. Or, you can have it stored in the fridge for several hours before you serve it.

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