Can You Microwave Wingstop Container? Is It Safe to Microwave Wingstop Boxes?

When we buy take outs from Wingstop, it always comes with its own container and it makes us wonder “can I put Wingstop container in the microwave?” for a quick meal.

However, it could pose a serious danger to yourself and the kitchen if you put the wrong item in the microwave.

In today’s blog post, we are going to walk you through the do’s and the don’ts for putting Wingstop containers in the microwave.

Can You Microwave a Wingstop Styrofoam Container?

Generally speaking, it is NOT always safe to microwave a Wingstop styrofoam container.

Wingstop styrofoam container is a sort of plastic foam that is composed of polystyrene. It is likely to release harmful chemicals when this kind of material is heated in the microwave.

And the toxic chemicals could be easily transferred to the food, thus posing health hazards to those who are about to eat it.

Also, chances are the styrofoam would melt, warp or even catch fire under high temperature. This could lead to real danger and fire hazards.

Can You Microwave a Wingstop Cardboard?

It’s not recommended to heat up Wingstop cardboard in the microwave. When cooking with the microwave, heat energy would be produced.

And the high temperature could burn the Wingstop cardboard. Even worse, the cardboard packaging could catch fire and damage the microwave oven.

In addition, many cardboard packages have a layer of plastic on the surface. And this layer of plastic might emit toxic compounds when heated, thus contaminating the food inside.

Can You Microwave Wingstop Paper?

In most cases, Wingstop hamburgers come in some paper wrapping. It’s an environmentally-friendly package for food.

However, it is not really safe to put Wingstop paper in the microwave. For the first reason, it would pose a serious fire risk.

When you put the Wingstop paper packaging in the microwave and heat it, the high temperature may cause the paper packaging to burn. Under severe circumstances, the whole microwave oven could catch fire and lead to serious danger.

For the second safety reason why you shouldn’t microwave Wingstop paper, there may be a layer of tin foil under the paper wrapper.

When it’s heated in the microwave, it can melt at high temperatures and thus contaminate the food.

Taste-wise, microwaving the Wingstop hamburger in the paper wrapper could make the hamburger less tasty.

The paper wrapper would trap the moisture, and make the ingredients soft and wet, including the veggie, bread and meat. I think we can all agree that we would never want a soggy hamburger.

How to Microwave Wingstop Take Out?

As we’ve mentioned above, it is not recommended to microwave Wingstop takeouts with the takeaway boxes or paper. It is for safety and tasty reasons.

When you need to reheat Wingstop takouts, we would urge you to take the food out of the cardboard or paper wrapper, and put it on a microwave-safe plate. Then put it in the microwave for heating.

Then you would want to set the microwave on medium or high power and reheat the Wingstop takeout for 60 seconds.

When the first cooking period is over, check if the takeout is fully heated. If not, you could repeat the cooking step and have it microwaved for another 30 seconds at a time until it’s fully heated.

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