What Is a Multi Spit Microwave? What Are the Best Multi Spit Microwaves to Buy Today?

For most households, a microwave seems to be a must-have in the kitchen. Nowadays, the must-have appliance is even better if the microwave comes with multi spit.

However, what is a multi-spit microwave? What does multi spit mean in microwaves? What are the best multi spit microwaves to buy today?

Let’s find out!

What Is Multi Spit in Microwave?

Multi spit is a kind of accessory that comes with certain microwave models. The multi-spit accessory is rather unique and it offers users a special way to enjoy barbecuing in the microwave.

With the multi spit accessory, you can easily achieve barbecue-like results without making the microwave oven interior all greasy and messy.

The accessory comes with skewers that sit on a glass plate. The skewers are supposed to hold the food. And the fat and grease would drop on the plate when the food is heated, making it possible for the microwave cavity to stay clean through the cooking process.

It enables users to effortlessly fulfil various cooking tasks, from Western dishes like Roast Chicken but also to Indian favourites like tikkas.

Best Multi Spit Microwaves Available Today

The multi-spit accessory in a microwave is truly convenient and efficient. The thing is a microwave with a multi spit is still not that common today.

Samsung ​​MC28A6035QS/TL 28L Countertop Microwave

Samsung ​​MC28A6035QS/TL is probably the best microwave with multi spit available on the market today. It comes in a large size of 28L which would be an ideal size for families.

Most importantly, the Samsung microwave oven comes with a multi spit that has skewers. It enables users to evenly prepare food and achieve barbecue-like results.

You can quickly grill kebabs, beef, chicken, fish, veggies, and fruit pieces, as well as Indian dishes like tikkas, with the multi-spit barbecue.

The Samsung microwave oven with multi spit is ideal for cooking enthusiasts. Not just because of the multi spit accessory, but also for the convenient cooking features.

For instance, the microwave with multi spit boasts the Hotblast Technology, making it possible to significantly shorten the cooking time. It could also provide users with crispy results that have juicy inside.

It also has the Slim Fry Technology which can help you make delicious fried food without a deep fryer. It’s more convenient and healthier than making deep fried food on a cooktop stove.

The microwave oven with multi spit could offer you even more cooking possibilities with the convection cooking method. This cooking method could be used for baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking.

Overall, this microwave with multi spit could serve a family well. Also, it would provide users with so many cooking possibilities and allow you to indulge in your culinary passions.

Are There Alternatives to Microwaves with Multi Spit?

Since there are few options of microwaves with multi spit on the market today, are there any alternatives we could consider?

The good news is, there surely is. Microwaves with metal racks are a great alternative to microwaves with multi spit.

They also can help you easily grill or barbecue foods in the microwave, with the help of an accessory.

To read more about microwaves with a metal rack, read this post!

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