What Happens When You Microwave a Honey Bun? Is It Safe to Throw it at Someone?

It was a trend on Tiktok to microwave a honey bun and throw it at someone. However, it got so many people thinking – Is it even safe to do that?

So, what will happen when you microwave a honey bun? Is it safe to microwave a honey bun and throw it at someone?

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What Happens When You Microwave a Honey Bun?

When you put a honey bun in the microwave, you will notice that the texture of honey will change and turn into a glue-like texture. The glue-like substance is what we would call molten sugar.

Also, the high temperature would destroy the nutritional value when you put honey in the microwave to cook.

That is to say, when you microwave a honey bun, the honey on the bun could experience the change in texture and the loss of nutrients.

The Trend Throwing Microwaved at Someone Explained

This trend called “Throwing Microwaved Honey Bun” has emerged on TikTok. It involves people microwaving a honey bun for around 10 minutes and chuck it at someone.

It’s become an evolving trend and has been there for a while on TikTok because many find it funny.

At some point, things seemed to become out of control when people would microwave a honey bun for 5 to 10 minutes and throw it at the homeless. This certainly has gone too far and things became outrageous and we will further explain why.

What Happens When You Microwave a Honey Bun and Throw it at Someone?

As we’ve mentioned above, the honey on honey bun would turn into molten sugar when the honey bun is heated in the microwave.

We should never underestimate molten sugar for it has an extremely high boiling point. Sugar requires a temperature that is much higher than the boiling point of water to melt.

We all know that the boiling point of water is 100°C, while pure glucose/α-d-Glucose melts at 146°C or 295°F and 419°K. Therefore, a heated honey bun could instantly burn people’s skin when it’s chucked at someone.

Also, sugar is surprisingly sticky so it would adhere strongly to the skin the moment they touch. It would be extremely challenging to remove molten sugar from the skin. When one is trying to clean it off, the molten sugar would further burn the skin.

What makes things worse? It is very likely to cause severe burns if it’s not been handled properly.

Let’s put it more directly. Someone on TikTok shared a story when her grandpa microwaved a honey bun and threw it at her brother’s face as a prank. And it ends up giving her brother third degree burns and getting him hospitalised. If you still didn’t understand how dangerous it is to microwave a honey bun and chuck it at someone just now. You just did.

The whole thing “Throwing Microwaved Honey Bun” is ridiculously dangerous and violent. We would never recommend you to do that under any circumstances.

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