3 Best Microwaves with Quartz Grill 2024 Reviews Guide

If you are a cooking aficionado or incredibly passionate about making all sorts of dishes at home, you would definitely want a microwave that can help in the kitchen. One way to achieve that is to use a microwave with quartz grill.

However, if you don’t get to know microwaves with quartz grill beforehand, it could be extremely tricky to find the best one for your kitchen.

In this blog post, we will include what you need to know about microwaves with quartz grill. Also, we will list some of the best microwaves with quartz grill available on the market today.

What Is Quartz Grill in Microwaves?

To learn more about microwaves with quartz grill as a whole, we need to understand what quartz grill is first.

Quartz grill is a kind of cooking technology found on kitchen appliances that utilises infrared quartz to heat food. Similar to a regular grill, quartz grill is able to heat up rapidly, and also prepare the food evenly.

Also, when compared to regular cooking appliances, it has the benefit of having foods ready quicker and consuming less energy.

Being a feature in a microwave oven, the quartz grill feature is perfect for providing instant heat to food in order to achieve crispy cooking results.

That is to say, it would be the perfect feature to cook snack foods like pizza, sausages, cheese on toast, etc.

Best Microwaves with Quartz Grill Available Today

Below, we’ve listed the current top picks for microwaves with quartz grill on the market. Whether you’re looking for something budget or high-end for your kitchen, there would be a great choice for you.

Now, here is a list of the best microwaves with quartz grill.

Sharp R959SLMAA Countertop Microwave Oven

The Sharp R959SLMAA microwave oven offers great value in a package of reasonable price tag and functionalities.

This microwave oven with quartz grill, with timeless design and quality build, would be a durable and long-lasting appliance in your kitchen. With the stainless steel interior, you could expect it to be extremely easy to clean and to remain in good shape after years of use.

It can also deliver a smooth and pleasing cooking experience with its user-friendly design and convenient features.

To handle heavy cooking duties, it comes with 40 L of cooking volume, 1400 Watts of quartz grill power and 900 Watts of microwave cooking power.

For more cooking possibilities, it offers 3 kinds of cooking methods. As well as the basic microwave cooking method, it has a true fan convection oven which is perfect for roasting meats and baking.

Most importantly, there is a quartz grill function with two racks. It provides you with the possibility to easily achieve barbecue-like cooking results in the kitchen.

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If you are in need of something simple and quick for daily meals, convenient features like auto cook, auto defrost and Time & Weight cooking mode would certainly help.


The Kleenmaid MWG4512K is a compact microwave oven that is a fully built in microwave and no additional trim kit is required. It will save you much valuable countertop space.

The very first thing you’d love about this Kleenmaid must be the appearance. It has an all black krystal glass finish and electronic sensor touch controls on the front, making it look sleek and modern.

It comes with a 25 L of cooking capacity, 5 different microwave power levels max of 900 Watts and 1,000 Watts grill power. Therefore, the microwave with quartz grill can easily meet a family’s cooking needs.

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For those who crave various cooking possibilities, this built-in microwave also offers different cooking methods and automatic multi-stage cooking. It could help you achieve different cooking results and prepare food with different textures. And the best part? The quartz grill that comes with the microwave is extremely easy to clean.

There are 8 pre-set cooking programs and a microwave quick-start function to make your daily cooking even simpler.

This microwave oven with quartz grill is also packed with a child safety lock function. When the safety lock is on, it could prevent any unforeseen access, ensuring an additional layer of security to prevent unintended entry or usage.

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