Microwaves with USB Port: What’s the USB Port on a Microwave for?

Have you ever come across a microwave that has a USB port? Did the USB port on a microwave confuse you and make you wonder its purpose?

You are not alone in this situation. Microwaves with USB ports can be intriguing and perplexing due to this bizarre feature.

In this blog post, we will walk you through the purposes of the USB port on a microwave. Also, we will talk about if microwaves with USB ports are still available today.

Why Do Microwaves Have USB Ports?

Before we get to the part where we list the possible purposes of USB ports, we need to get one thing straight. It’s not common at all to see a USB port on microwaves.

Generally speaking, microwave ovens are designed to make reheating and cooking foods a lot easier for users.

And it’s fair to say that USB ports won’t be playing any significant role in realizing the cooking purpose. Therefore, you won’t find a USB port in most microwave ovens available on the market today.

If you found a USB port on the microwave you encountered and wondered what it is for, here are some reasonable thoughts on why a microwave might include a USB port.

  • For convenient data transfer

One of the main purposes of the USB port on microwaves is for convenient data transfer. And this feature is more commonly seen on microwave ovens for commercial use.

Users can easily transfer data from a USB drive to the microwave oven with a USB port. Data transfer like putting firmware updates and software updates would be so easy with the USB port.

Also, it could also be used for transferring settings. For example, some microwaves allow you to update or save cooking programs, presets, or customized settings on the microwave via the USB ports.

  • For charging

Another potential use of the USB port on microwaves is for charging. And this feature is more commonly seen on compact microwaves.

This kind of compact microwave is designed to be installed in dorm rooms, apartment studios, mobile homes or other small spaces. Thanks to its compact size, the compact microwave with USB port can easily fit in a cabinet.

  • Other purpose

However, the amount of outlets in these small spaces are usually limited. The USB ports on the microwave could work as alternatives to outlets.

Therefore, you can charge smartphones, tablets, or media players via these USB ports on the microwave.

These are the two main purposes of the USB ports on microwave ovens. However, it’s possible that certain microwave models would have USB ports for other uses.

If you want accurate and specific information regarding the USB port on your microwave, it’s recommended to consult the user manual or contact the product support of your microwave.

Are Microwaves with USB Ports Still Available Today?

If you want a microwave with USB port and wonder if you could still get one today, the answer may disappoint you. It is not typical and common for microwaves today to have USB ports anymore.

One of the most popular microwaves with a USB port was Amana HDC1015. It was a microwave for commercial use, and this microwave uses a USB port for data transfer.

However, this popular microwave oven with USB port seems to be discontinued already, at the moment we write this article.

We can totally see why microwaves with USB ports are not available now.

It seems a bit dated to achieve the goals we’ve mentioned above through a USB port on microwaves. We believe this is the main reason why manufacturers discontinued microwaves with USB ports.

If you are still in need of a microwave that allows you to update software or allows you to import preset menus, there are great alternatives to microwaves with USB port today.

Check out our detailed blog post about smart microwaves with remote control here. Hopefully, you will find the perfect solution for you from the recommended products.

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