What Does D Mean on Microwaves? How to Activate/Deactivate the Function?

Having a letter D shown on the display of your microwave and not knowing what it means? This blog post will help you understand what the letter D means on microwaves.

What Does D Mean on the Microwave?

There are different meanings for the letter D on microwaves. And it varies according to different microwave models and brands.

It would be a good idea to reference the user manual for accurate information. Below are some of the common meanings of the letter D on microwave.

What Does D Mean on the Microwave – Meaning 1.

When you see the letter “D” shown on your microwave’s screen, good chances are your microwave is on the Demo Mode.

If you observe the screen of your microwave shows “Demo Mode” or the letter “D”, it means your microwave is not functioning properly.

In the event that the microwave is on Demo Mode, you will need to deactivate it to use the microwave properly.

What Is Demo Mode on Microwaves?

The Demo Mode could be found on many smart microwave ovens today, and it’s quite useful and convenient for many users.

It’s the perfect feature to help users learn how to navigate the microwave oven. When the Demo Mode is on, you will see the “Demo Mode” or a small letter “D” on the microwave screen. Meanwhile, functions of the microwave can be activated without actually cooking.

In the event that the microwave oven has the Demo Mode on, you can notice that the lights, the fan, the turntable and more would be on, but the magnetron would remain deactivated.

Therefore, you could see how the microwave works in different settings without actually heating.

How to Turn Demo Mode Off:

Different microwave brands and models require different steps to turn off the Demo Mode.

Here is one of the most common ways to deactivate the Demo Mode:

  1. Make sure the microwave oven is not cooking.
  2. Press the “Time Off” button for about 5 seconds till you hear two tones and see the D letter or “Demo Mode” disappear on the display. (If the Timer Off button won’t work for your microwave, try the number 3 button with the same steps. It may work for some microwaves.)

For more methods to deactivate the Demo Mode for your microwave oven, read this post!

What Does D Mean on the Microwave – Meaning 2.

For the first meaning of the letter D on microwaves, it refers to the functionality. As to the second meaning of letter D in the microwave, it’s about the cooking power.

Within specific microwave models, the cooking power is categorised into grades between A and E, ranging from the least powerful to the most powerful.

Category D of microwave ovens delivers around 750 Watts of cooking power, while Category B delivers roughly 650 watts of cooking power and Category E at 850 watts.

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