A Whole New Experience: The Edge-Cutting Microwave Comes with Cameras

The latest microwave even has built-in cameras? Yes, smart microwaves these days are equipped with cameras.

Whether you want a more precise cooking function with microwave or simply taking pictures of your meal, the upscale microwave with built-in cameras offers a lot of benefits. If you want to learn a bit more about the cameras of the microwave, this article is perfect for you.

What Does A Microwave Camera Do?

There are multiple types of cameras that the latest microwaves will use.

Type One: Inside the microwave. The cameras on the inside of the microwave can let you monitor the food when it is being cooked. And you can determine if your food is ready to serve when the microwave is cooking it. Sometimes you don’t need to wait till the microwave process is finished to get the food out. For example, you can manually turn off the microwave if you see the steak in the microwave is just well-done through the camera.

Type Two: On the front. These days, kitchen appliances are smarter and smarter, including microwaves. The frontal microwave’s cameras can work just like a webcam. If the microwave comes with a tv screen, you can video chat with your friends and share the delicacy just like using your phone, but the difference is that you don’t have to hold your device anymore.

Type Three: At the bottom. This is a new design that you can see in the new GE kitchen hub microwave. There is one stove-top facing camera at the bottom of the microwave, which allows you to conveniently share the meal you are cooking on the gas range or stream live your stove professionally. If you have a cooking channel on youtube, this camera will impress you for sure.

Best Microwave Models That Come with Cameras

Ge Kitchen Hub Microwave

The best microwave with cameras you can expect to buy in 2020 is the one and only Ge Kitchen Hub Microwave that comes with 3 cameras. And it features a huge 27-inch tv touchscreen screen with an Android system, offering super smart controls when you want it.

The cameras of the microwave cover all the functions that I mentioned above. And the camera inside the microwave can work as a smart kitchen partner, which detects the food in the microwave automatically and determines the best cooking time, just like an advanced smart sensor.

Additionally, this over-the-range microwave comes with a powerful 600-CFM exhaust fan, which provides vertical exhaust ventilation system with 4-speed fan control. So you don’t need to buy a range hood separately.

Besides, the microwave features the latest voice control system. You can voice-control the microwave by speaking to your Google assistant. And things will become much easier even if you don’t have time to deal with the complicated recipe settings.

Where Can I Buy a Microwave with Cameras?

According to GE, this innovative microwave model with 3 cameras will step into the market in late 2020, but we have not seen the official news yet.

Also, we believe the new smart microwaves will be a trend in the future so we are looking forward to seeing more high-end microwaves that come with cameras in the market. One of the popular ideas is that these microwaves can feature a spy camera on the front.

We will be also updating the post if there are any other available microwave models that are equipped with cameras.

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