Microwave with TV Screen Will Make Your Kitchen Smarter

If you have been using an old microwave for more than a few years, you might not know how far smart microwaves can go. Last year, the latest smart microwave model first came onto the scene, featuring mega-touchscreen just like a smart tv. You can now watch your favorite shows when cooking meals, and staying in the kitchen has never been this entertaining before!

If you are skeptical of these smart microwaves with tv screen and want to know what things they can achieve, you are in the right place. We will give you a clear guide so that you can decide if a microwave with a smart tv screen worth the money. If you are planning on buying a microwave with tv screen to connect your smart home, don’t miss our top product recommendation in part two.

What’s Good About Microwaves with TV Screen?

You Can Now Watch Programs While Cooking

Integrated with the most popular apps, microwave with tv can entertain you, even in the kitchen.

You don’t have to spend the boring cooking time in the kitchen when you are cooking some time-consuming dishes. A smart wifi-connected TV microwave can provide programs on Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, and more. Making slow-cooked meals is no longer a pain in the neck.

Video Recipes for Premium Cooking Experience

Have you used your phone or tablets to read recipes in the kitchen? If you have, you must know how inconvenient it is. By using small-screen devices, we need to place them on a table that is from humidity and heat. And we also need to scroll the screen from time to time so the screens are usually greasy when the meal is done.

With a smart microwave with a TV screen, you can watch step-by-step online video recipes when cooking your food on the gas stove. Since the microwave with a TV screen is right above the gas range, there is nothing to distract you so that you can make a perfect meal effortlessly without dealing with your phone or iPad.

Have Smart Devices at Home? Manage Them with A Smart Microwave with TV

If your wifi-enabled smart microwave comes with a tv screen, you can also use it as a control panel to manage all your smart home devices.

For example, you can download your security cameras’ app to monitor your baby while being busy with roasting ribs. Or, you can ask your coffee maker to brew your coffee to save more time by controlling it on your microwave’s screen.

Where Can I Buy a Microwave with TV Screen?

Although GE claimed that they will launch a Kitchen Hub tv microwave in late 2020, we have not seen a real product as of Oct 2020. The new Kitchen Hub microwave will pack a 27-inch screen display and 3 cameras, and one of the cameras allows you to monitor the inside of the microwave.

On top of that, the camera insides also works as a smart sensor that detects ingredients and how well it is done. And the smart microwave also offers Google Assistant integration so that you can use your voice to control the microwave precisely.

Unfortunately, the microwave with a huge screen has not been officially seen on the market of today. We will keep you informed by updating the post immediately once the product or any microwave model with tv screen is available to the public.

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