Aqua AEM-S1112S Microwave Review: Is It Worth Buying?

The Aqua AEM-S1112S microwave oven is an incredibly affordable option for those who are looking for a simple cooking solution.

You definitely want to read this detailed review first before making the purchase. Though it’s not expensive, we’ll still want something that could handle basic cooking needs and last throughout years of use.

Is Aqua AEM-S1112S capable of that? Is it really worth buying?

Read on to find out!

Aqua AEM-S1112S Microwave Review: Pros & Cons

What we LIKE about the Aqua AEM-S1112S Microwave

The design

The very first thing we like about the Aqua AEM-S1112S Microwave is its design! The design is so simple and you don’t have to read a manual to figure out all the functions.

It just comes with two big knobs for the power levels and time settings. It makes a perfect solution for senior citizens.

245 mm turntable

Though it’s quite a compact microwave oven, it still comes with a 245 mm turntable. It will fit normal-sized dinner plates and the turntable will help evenly prepare your dishes.


The price set for this unit is around 50 USD, and it’s a pretty humble price tag for today’s kitchen appliance.

What we DON’T LIKE about the Aqua AEM-S1112S Microwave

We don’t like the fact that the power output of this unit is low. The power output is only 400W for the Aqua AEM-S1112S Microwave, which means it will take forever to reheat or cook your dishes.

According to the introduction on their website, Home electronics manufacturer AQUA Japan, headquartered in Japan. And it’s currently growing rapidly in Indonesia.

However, we failed to find any information about the Aqua AEM-S1112S Microwave outside some of the websites from Indonesia. This made us doubt the location of its manufacturer and reliability of the manufacturer.

Home appliances like this usually come with significant customer service issues. If something went wrong with the microwave oven, things might get frustrating for you to get the unit repaired or replaced.

Aqua AEM-S1112S Microwave Review: Final Verdict

Is Aqua AEM-S1112S microwave worth buying? NOPE! We wouldn’t recommend you buy this unit.

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable microwave oven, there are many reliable options for you out there.

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I hope you found this Aqua AEM-S1112S microwave review helpful. This is my honest and true review. If you end up trying out this unit, I’d love to hear your thoughts too!

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