How to Microwave a Lobster? This Simple Method Takes 6 Mins

If prepared properly, lobsters or lobster tails can always be an easy fancy dish. Also, lobsters can go with a wide variety of sauce and side dishes for special occasions.

The best part is… you can put the lobster in a microwave and have it prepared in minutes!

Microwaving a lobster or lobster tail doesn’t require several hours and fancy cooking skills. From start to finish, you will only need a few minutes and the lobster will taste delicious and juicy.

Microwaving a lobster is a foolproof way to prepare lobster without any fuss. And the result is guaranteed! So let’s get started.

How to Microwave a Lobster

The instructions below explain step-by-step how to cook lobster in a microwave.

1. Thaw the lobster

If you’re cooking a frozen lobster, you would want to fully thaw it first before you put the lobster in a microwave. Put the frozen lobster in a bowl, and add some cold water. The frozen lobster should be fully covered in the cold water.

Let it sit for about 30 minutes till it’s fully thawed. And then Rinse the lobster thoroughly in the running water.

2. Place the lobster on the plate

Place the thawed lobsters on a microwave-safe plate with some lemon slices and basils. Now add some water to the place, so the lobsters will be steamed in the microwave.

3. Cover the lobster

Cover the plate with some microwave-safe plastic wrap. And now it can go in the microwave.

4. Start cooking

Set the microwave on high, and set the time for 6 minutes if you’re cooking a whole lobster. If you’re cooking lobster tails, 3-4 minutes would be recommended.

5. Check for doneness

Take the lobster out of the microwave and see if it’s completely and evenly cooked. If you’re cooking bigger lobster, it may take a few more minutes.

You can pop it back into the microwave for another 30 seconds and repeat this step till the lobster is cooked to your liking.

Done and done! Now the lobster will taste deliciously tender and juicy. You can serve the lobster with sauce and easy sides.

Microwaving Lobster FAQs:

Got more questions concerning cooking lobsters in a microwave? Then check these out:

Is it okay to microwave lobster in its shell?

Yes. It’s okay to microwave the lobster in its shell. Its own juices in its shell will add flavour to the meat while cooking, and the shell will also protect the meat from getting too dry in high heat.

Can you cook lobster in the microwave straight from frozen?

We should avoid cooking frozen lobster in a microwave. It’s always recommended to thaw out the lobster first. If you want to shorten the thawing time, you could use the defrost mode on your microwave to defrost the lobster or lobster tail.

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