Sage 3 in 1 Microwave Review: Is It Reliable? Is It a Good Choice for You?

With more and more multipurpose microwaves available on the market right now, finding the perfect option for your kitchen can be a quest in itself. Let alone finding a microwave with perfect balance between nice features and affordability.

Is the Sage 3 in 1 microwave here to end your search? Is the Sage Combi Wave 3 in 1 microwave oven worth your hard-earned money?

So, let’s take a closer look at the Sage 3-in-1 microwave oven and see if it would be a good choice for your kitchen.

Sage 3 in 1 Microwave Review

Before we jump to the conclusion if the Sage Combi Wave 3 in 1 microwave oven is worth it, we are going to walk you through every aspect of the microwave. And we will see if it would make a good choice for you and your family.

Sage 3 in 1 Microwave Review: Design


The very first thing you would love about the Sage 3 in 1 microwave is the appearance. Overall, it looks sleek and impressive with a timeless design.


The microwave is built with stainless steel material so it would be really easy to clean and durable.

Being easy to clean is crucial. Nobody likes it when you have to clean the appliance with so much time and effort every time you cook.

Also, durability is something we would always be after because we all expect our appliances to remain in good shape after years of use.


Another advantage of Sage 3-in-1 microwave’s design is that it is extremely simple and straightforward. For starters, it has a large LED display on the control panel to clearly show the remaining cooking time, cooking settings and the other information you’d need to know.

The Sage 3 in 1 also features two dial knobs for controls, which make the controls very intuitive and straightforward.

You could easily set the cooking settings with those dial controls without spending hours digging in the user manuals and trying to figure out how to navigate things.

Soft closing door and quiet operation

The Sage Combi Wave 3 in 1 microwave also features a soft close door and quiet operation, which is a nice feature. So you won’t wake any family member when you are in the mood for some late-night snacks.

Sage 3 in 1 Microwave Review: Features

What really differentiates the Sage 3 in 1 microwave is its features. It has many convenient features that would absolutely help you cook with ease.

Cooking Possibilities

The Sage 3 in 1 microwave oven combines the functions of an air fryer, a convection oven and microwave into one appliance. Therefore, it could provide you with all the cooking possibilities you’d need for home cooking.

When you are in a hurry and need to bring meals to the table as fast as possible, you could go with the microwave cooking method. It will help you effortlessly make simple meals in a snap.

However, when you are in the mood for some fried chicken wings, nuggets or french fries, the air fry cooking method would help you make some. And don’t forget about the convection oven function. It could help you achieve delicious, crispy cooking results.

What’s even better? The Sage 3 in 1 microwave oven allows you to combine these cooking methods for more cooking possibilities. You can combine the “convection”, “grill” and “microwave” functions to fulfil complicated cooking tasks and make appetizing dishes with different textures.

Smart Cooking

Your cooking routine is about to become much more convenient with this feature. The intelligent cooking, reheating and defrosting feature is going to help you prepare a wide range of popular foods with literally one touch of a button.

It boasts 19 intelligent presets such as “Intelligent Cooking”, “Intelligent Warming” and “Intelligent Defrosting”. When you activate those presets, it will automatically adjust cooking time and power for perfect results and make perfect, evenly cooked dishes.

In other words, you can finally say goodbye to guesswork in your kitchen with these intelligent cooking presets.

Sage 3 in 1 Microwave Review: Cooking Capacity & Power

We especially liked that the Sage 3 in 1 microwave has a 32L cooking capacity. Given that most family sizes are between 20L and 30L, the Sage 3 in 1 microwave could offer you so many more cooking possibilities with the large cooking capacity.

With the large cooking capacity, not only will it perform well on making family meals, it could easily fit many awkwardly shaped containers. Also, it could fit a large chicken to roast if you want. And that’s the cooking possibility we all want.

Furthermore, the Sage Combi Wave 3 in 1 microwave has a cooking power of 1500 Watts, making it a great choice for households. It can handle heavy cooking duties, and ensure shorter cooking time, which is really important when it comes to cooking meals for families.

Sage 3 in 1 Microwave Review: Accessories

To further improve your cooking experience, the Sage 3 in 1 microwave oven comes with some helpful accessories.

To start off, the Sage 3 in 1 microwave is equipped with a turntable. It will rotate while cooking so the dishes could be evenly cooked. And you will enjoy dishes that are warm from the inside out, not just warm on the surface and frozen on the edges.

Another beneficial accessory that comes with the Sage 3 in 1 microwave is the crisp pan tray. It could significantly help you achieve the crispy, tasty results.

Sage 3 in 1 Microwave Review: Our Take

At this point, we think it is safe to say that the Sage 3 in 1 microwave oven is a great pick for families and those who are cooking enthusiasts. It has so many convenient features that could help you accomplish cooking assignments and food preparation.

However, the Sage 3 in 1 microwave is for £399 or more at the moment we’re writing this review. It truly is a bit pricier than many countertop microwave ovens on the market.

But with the nice design, all the versatility and convenient features, it delivers more value than its competitors available on the market.

Overall, we think it is a great option If you have the budget for it. At the end of the day, the final call would come down to your budget, cooking needs and personal preference.

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