What is a microwave with internal smoke detector? Is it available today?

I think it’s safe to say that microwave ovens are one of the most convenient kitchen appliances we have today.

However, microwaves cause or are involved in a considerable amount of building fire each year.

Sometimes, it could be awfully dangerous to use a microwave improperly or leave an operating microwave unattended.

That’s why we may need a microwave with internal smoke detector to prevent potential fire hazards.

What Is a Microwave with Internal Smoke Detector?

A microwave with internal smoke detector is a microwave that has a built-in smoke sensor in the cavity. And the smoke detector can shut off the microwave oven at once if something went wrong.

It truly is a smart and safe choice for households, apartments and dorm room dwellers.

At this point, some may wonder, why not just rely on the smoke detector in the room? The reason lies in that microwaves can cause tens of thousands of false alarms annually.

Smoke from operating microwave ovens is one of the most common causes of false alarms. Hence, a microwave with an automatic shut off sensor is believed to be a better option to prevent fire hazards.

Is a Microwave with Internal Smoke Detector Available Today?

What are the best microwaves with internal smoke detectors available now? Where can I get a microwave with internal smoke sensor?

I’m afraid I have to bring you the bad news. Currently, all the well-known brands of home appliances in the market don’t have such a solution yet.

With that being said, microwaves with internal smoke sensor are not available up to the present time.

Don’t fret already! There’s an alternative solution for it.

Alternatives for Microwaves with Internal Smoke Detector


Desperately in need of a microwave with internal smoke detector? This alternative would do the trick.

If you already have a microwave in your kitchen, this alternative would work for you as well.

This smoke detector for microwaves can help prevent costly nuisance or false alarms as well as microwave fires.

What’s better? The installation is insanely easy.

And you’ll just need to plug the control box into the outlet, then plug the microwave into the control box. Next, mount the magnetic sensor to the microwave, right above the vent slots.

Now it will start working and detecting the smoke generated by the microwave. If something goes wrong, it will help shut off the microwave oven.

Bottom Line

That’s it! That’s the info concerning microwaves with internal smoke detectors you’d need to know.

We all walk away from the running microwave. And it would be such a relief knowing that the microwave could automatically shut off if something’s up.

Hopefully, this post could be of help to you. Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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