Microwaves with Cigarette Lighter Plug: Where to Buy? How to Run Them in a Car?

Convenience is essential in our everyday life. We are desperate for easy and quick methods to make our meals. This is especially true if you are a travel or camping enthusiast.

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to be able to make meals in our own car? Recently, people have the interesting idea of owning a microwave with cigarette lighter plug and making it possible to make meals in the car.

Are microwaves with cigarette lighter plug available today? Can the cigarette lighter of cars handle microwaves? Read on to find out!

Is There a Microwave with a Cigarette Lighter Plug Available on the Market?

If you are wondering whether it’s possible to get a microwave with cigarette lighter plug and make meals on the go, I’m afraid you would be disappointed.

Currently, there is no microwave with cigarette lighter plug available on the market.

And there is a good reason why microwaves with cigarette lighter plug are not commonly seen today. Read on to see why.

Can You Run a Microwave with a Cigarette Lighter?

The reason why microwaves with cigarette lighter plug are not available on the market lies in that they are not practical.

It’s not practical to run a standard microwave oven on a cigarette lighter in the car. Cigarette lighters in cars are designed to power small appliances, for instance, cell phone chargers, GPS units, portable fans and more.

Cigarette lighter in cars are also known as 12-volt power outlets. That is to say, the voltage of cigarette lighters is usually around 12V.

The cigarette lighter in the car is usually secured by a car fuse. And the car fuse is commonly rated at 120 to 240 Watts.

However, most standard microwave ovens you can get on the market have a cooking power of 700 Watts to 12000 Watts. Even if you could find microwaves with low wattage, it would still exceed the capacity of the cigarette lighter in cars.

Therefore, if you plug a microwave oven to the cigarette lighter, it won’t work. Even worse, it could blow the secure fuse when you run a microwave oven on the cigarette lighter.

It would be more practical to run microwaves in the cars that have regular plugs, like RVs, camper vans and motorhomes.

Alternatives to Microwaves with Cigarette Lighter Plug

Now we know that it’s not feasible to run a standard microwave oven on a cigarette lighter in regular cars.

There are alternatives you can consider to help you make quick meals on the go.

  1. 12 Volt Portable Oven

There are ovens specifically designed for car use, and they are 12V portable ovens. These 12V portable ovens are intended to be run on 12V vehicles.

They are capable of making meals out of raw ingredients and reheating prepared dishes. You can have some basic cooking tasks fulfilled with these 12V portable ovens.

2. Portable Self Cooking Electric Lunch Box

Portable electric lunch boxes are ideal for cooking raw food and reheating leftovers on the go. And these electric lunch boxes have multiple removable containers, so you can have different dishes ready easily.

However, there are different kinds of electric lunch boxes available on the market, and they come with different wattages. If you are going to run it with the car battery, make sure to get one with the wattage below 240V.

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