My Microwave Has A Chaos Mode Button? What Is It?

Although people may use their microwave ovens frequently, they probably have never taken a close look at how many modes a microwave really has.

Some microwave models have an interesting button that provides a setting called “Chaos Mode”, that sounds pretty disturbing. And I have seen someone who was scared to press the button since the name is so frightening.

So, What Exactly Is The Chaos Mode of Microwaves?

Well, the chaos mode of your microwave is not scary at all. It is just a setting for “defrost”. However, instead of using regular heat or uniform microwave energy to thaw frozen food, microwaves with chaos defrost mode use random pulses of power to defrost your food.

Some advanced microwave models even can automatically execute the chaos defrosting process by detecting the weight of the frozen food.

Compared to uniform pulse, randomly-generated pulses perform better as these random pulses can defrost items more evenly.

A chaos mode is pretty helpful when you are trying to thaw a big amount of frozen food, so the food will not be cooked on the outside and still a rock on the inside.

Why Is It Called Chaos Mode?

The microwave brand has no intention to scare you at all. They are not trying to be upscale by having a “fancy” term. The mode is called “Chaos Mode” for a reason.

The idea of using random pulses of microwave energy to defrost frozen food is based on the “Chaos theory”. And it is considered to be very valuable and meaningful back then, especially for machines like ovens and microwaves.

And the first microwave brand that uses this “Chaos Mode” is Panasonic.

Nowadays, this term is not very commonly seen in the latest microwaves, but many of them are still come with a defrost mode that is based on the chaos theory.

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