What to Do Before Using the Microwave for the First Time?

With the popularity of microwave ovens, more and more families are using microwave ovens for daily cooking.

News about microwave ovens frying, microwave accidents are also emerging. And many of these accidents are actually caused by improper operation.

Then, what should we do before using a new microwave for the first time? What do you need to avoid before the first use of your new microwave?

Read on to find out what to do before using a new microwave.

Step 1. Remove Packaging and Zip Ties

When your new microwave oven arrives, there must be packaging and zip ties attached to the new unit from the inside out.

Be sure to remove all packaging and zip ties. And you should double check to make sure you haven’t missed any.

If any packaging and zip ties are still there when you use it for the first time, it could seriously damage the microwave, and even worse, cause fires.

Step 2. Get Rid of the Smell

For new appliances, there could be some odd smell. And the odd smell could linger for some time if you don’t get rid of it properly.

If you have recently received a new microwave, you may have already noticed some odd smell coming from it. Though it’s not something pleasing, it’s completely normal. But, we should always get rid of it before we cook food with it for the first time.

First, you need to get some warm, soapy water ready. Then, use it to wipe down the whole unit with a damp cloth from the inside out.

After that, put it in a well-ventilated place with the microwave door opened and let it sit for at least half a day. If there’s still some odd smell, let it sit till the odor is gone.

Step 3. Proper Placement

After you get rid of the odd smell, you should choose the best location for the microwave before the first use.

Proper microwave placement is vital for safe cooking. Also, placement would affect the lifespan of the microwave oven.

Generally speaking, a countertop microwave should be placed on an airy surface. The kitchen counter would be ideal.

Also, there should be a distance of 5-10 cm between the wall and the sides of the microwave oven. Hence, it could ensure that the vents would work fine.

Step 4. Understand the Principle of Microwave

We would always recommend you to get to know how microwaves work before you use a new microwave for the first time.

Microwave ovens heat food through microwaves emitted by magnetrons. It produces microwaves that vibrate at a frequency of 2.45 billion times per second, penetrating into the food and causing water molecules in the food to move. The water molecules generate large amounts of heat energy as they move, so the food is heated.

That said, you would understand that there are certain things you should never do when using a new microwave for the first time.

For instance, you should never use the microwave on empty. Otherwise, the magnetron inside the microwave oven will be damaged by the microwaves emitted.

Also, you should never put containers and utensils that are made of metals in the microwave, or it may lead to fire.

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