How to Microwave Two Things at Once

How to Microwave Two Things at Once? How to Microwave Multiple Items?

The easiest and healthiest way to make meals is probably in the microwave. It’s extremely effortless to reheat, defrost and cook with a microwave.

However, it would make things even easier if we can put more than one thing in the microwave. Can we do that? How to microwave two things at once?

In this blog post, we are going to show how you can microwave two things at once and take your cooking to a whole new level.

Can You Put More Than One Thing in the Microwave?

I’m afraid there won’t be a general answer to that question. Whether it is safe to microwave more than one thing at once highly depends on the microwave you’re using.

If you are currently using a microwave that comes with a turntable, and that turntable can’t be turned off or taken away, it is just not an ideal situation for microwaving more than one thing at once.

Imagine this, you put two bowls that are filled with food in the microwave. Hit the start cooking button and the turntable starts rotating. The bowls would just bump into each other and create a hot mess. The outcome just won’t look pretty.

With that being said, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to put more than one thing in the microwave at all. With certain microwave features and tools, you definitely can microwave two things at once.

How to Microwave Two Things at Once?

There are certain microwave models or features available now to let you microwave multiple items at once.

Use a Dividing Plate


This is the simplest method to microwave two things at once, and the tool you’d need is extremely easy to get and affordable.

You can fill the sections of the divided plate with different items, and you can have these multiple items cooked in the microwave with one dividing plate.

You will need to make sure that the dividing plate you cook with is microwave-safe, so it won’t leak and produce any harmful chemicals when it’s heated in the microwave.

Also, you could opt for a microwave-safe divided plate that comes with a vented lid. Therefore, you can cover the food to protect moisture and prevent spills.

We have to admit that there is a downside of using a divided plate to microwave more than one thing. And that is the limited space. You could only have a limited amount of different foods microwaved at once with the divided plate.

If your main goal is to microwave multiple dishes at once for a big family, I’m afraid the divided plates won’t be the solution for you.

Here are more methods below to show you how to cook more than one dish in the microwave.

Turntable On/Off Feature

The turntable on/off feature is truly a convenient feature to have. If your microwave comes with this feature, it could help you easily microwave multiple items at once.

The turntable on/off feature allows you to turn the carousel plate off while cooking. Therefore, you can easily place two dishes in the microwave and have them sit still throughout the whole cooking process.

It certainly could change the situation where dishes could bump into each other when the carousel plate is on during the cooking process.

Microwaves Without Turntable

This could enable you to microwave more than one thing in the microwave for the similar reason.

When you have a microwave without a turntable, you have a full flat bed inside of the microwave. Therefore, you can effortlessly fit more than one thing in the microwave.

Without the turntable, the multiple items would remain where they are during the cooking process. Hence, you can safely have more than one item cooked in the microwave.


Microwaving more than one thing at once is no doubt very convenient and efficient. However, to cook multiple items in the microwave, it requires some special tools or unique features of the microwave.

With the guidelines and tips provided above, you can now safely and effectively heat multiple items in the microwave.

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