How to Clean Between Microwave Glass? Make It Clean as New!

Most microwave ovens come with a glass door that allows you to monitor the food while cooking.

If you use your microwave all the time for reheating and cooking, you might already notice condensation between microwave glass doors.

Why is there condensation in-between the microwave glass doors? Is it possible to clean between microwave glass? How to safely clean between microwave glass?

Even though the condensation seems impossible to clean, there is a safe and effective way to clean between microwave glass.

So let’s look at the simple way to clean between microwave glasses…

Why Does the Microwave Have Condensation In-Between the Glass Doors?

You might already realize that the condensation is trapped between glass panels of the microwave door.

Those are the steam and grease created during cooking, and they escape from the cavity and get trapped between the glass layers of the door.

Over time, these steam and food particles will build up between microwave glasses. And after a while, the buildup will be not ignorable. To make matters worse, it’s hard to clean from the outside.

How to Clean Between Microwave Glass?

Many might not realize that there are multiple layers until the door gets unbelievably dirty and you can’t get it thoroughly cleaned. And the layers are tightly attached to each other, which makes the cleanup an impossible mission.

When it comes to cleaning between microwave glasses, there are different methods you can use depending on different microwave models.

Please note that both methods of cleaning between microwave glass mentioned below involve removing parts of the microwave. It’s important to exercise caution before you actually do that.

If you’re not sure about it or not so confident in safely removing parts of the microwave, we would always recommend you to go to the professional for assistance.

Method 1.

If the microwave you’re working with allows you to take off the door and has some room between class that allows for cleaning, here is the guidelines for cleaning. This method mostly applies to microwaves with drop down door.

  1. Consult the product support or read the user manual for microwave oven door removal instructions.
  2. For your safety, it’s extremely important to unplug the microwave oven before you try to remove the door.
  3. Unlock the door hinge of both sides. The location and design of the door hinge may vary among models.
  4. Lift the door up and remove it from the microwave body. To avoid damaging the microwave oven, make sure the door is not obstructed by anything before you detach it from the microwave.
  5. Place the microwave door on something soft, like a big cloth or towel, to avoid scratching.
  6. Get the cleaning solution ready beforehand. You could use soapy water or some baking soda and water mixup.
  7. Wrap a cloth around the end of the yardstick or stuff like that, and secure it with rubber bands. Soak the cloth with the cleaning solution.
  8. Insert the cloth end of the yardstick between the door glasses at the bottom door openings.
  9. Carefully wipe the condensations with the cloth. Use your strength carefully and make sure not to bend or break the glass.
  10. Let the cleaning solution sit for a few minutes before you wipe between glass doors again with water.
  11. Dry the glass door with another dry cloth or just let it air dry. Then reattach the glass door to the microwave oven.

Method 2.

If the microwave oven you’re working with does not have the door opening room, I’m afraid you need to take apart the microwave door frame to thoroughly clean between door glasses.

And I believe this situation applies to almost all countertop microwaves and over-the-range microwave ovens available today.

Assuming you have exercised caution and are ready for it, the steps to take apart a microwave door frame can vary depending on the make and model of the microwave.

Here’s the guideline to take apart the microwave door and clean between the glasses thoroughly in general:

  1. First thing first, unplug the microwave oven and make sure it’s disconnected from the electrical supply.
  2. Consult the product support or read the user manual to locate the screws or tabs that hold the door layers. The locations vary among models, and they could be inside or outside of the door.
  3. Remove the screws or release the tabs from the door frame using appropriate hand tools.
  4. Separate the door frame from the microwave body with great caution. Make sure not to bend or break the door frame.
  5. Wipe the layers with soapy water thoroughly. And wipe it again with a damp cloth to remove soap, then air dry all the parts.
  6. Finally, reassemble the door frame and check if the door frame is secured.

Here’s a video tutorial showing you how to take apart microwave doors. Follow the steps to detach the door frames and clean between door glasses:

Final Thoughts:

It’s natural to have condensation stuck between the microwave door glass. To prevent grease buildup between the glass of a microwave door and make it even harder to clean up, it’s important to regularly clean the door.

However, it’s a bit tricky to clean between microwave glasses because it requires some skills and effort.

Again, if you are not comfortable or confident in taking apart your microwave, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional to ensure your safety of yourself and keep your microwave intact.

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