How to Warm Towels in the Microwave? Can You Microwave Your Towel?

Sure, microwaves are meant for cooking and reheating food. But, sometimes, it’s such a convenient appliance to do life hacks. For example, putting a towel in the microwave is an efficient way to warm it.

In this post, we’ll show you the best way to warm your towel in the microwave and a few tips to do it properly.

Can You Warm a Towel in the Microwave?

Few people would think of putting a towel in a microwave. In fact, it’s perfectly feasible to do so.

What benefit is there?

There are good reasons why people would do that. To microwave a towel, we can make a nice warm compress. We also can sterilize the towel by heating it in the microwave.

Whether you need to make a warm compress or sterilize the towel, putting it in a microwave is a convenient way to do it. The operation is insanely simple, and the effect is always guaranteed.

How to Warm a Towel in the Microwave?

Now we know that it’s feasible to microwave towels. But how to properly warm a towel in the microwave? What are the rules we need to bear in mind?

Following are the detailed steps to warm a towel in the microwave.

How to make a warm compress in the microwave?

When I get home from the workout, I always heat a towel in the microwave to make a warm compress. It could quickly relieve my sore muscles.

A warm compress could also help to treat conditions like eye issues, menstrual cramps, sinus congestion and more.

You’ll need to have a clean towel and a microwave-safe Ziploc bag, and follow these steps:

  • Soak the towel, and get rid of the excess water. At this point, your towel should be just damp.
  • Put the towel in the ziplock bag, and leave the bag open.
  • Put them into a microwave oven.
  • Microwave them on high for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Tips: You can add some essential oil to the towel before you apply it to your eyes or muscles. It would help you relax. Personally, I prefer some lavender essential oil. It really helps me de-stress while relieving my sore muscles.

Now you’ve made yourself a nice warm compress. You could apply it to your body parts when the temperature feels right.

How to safely sterilize a towel in a microwave?

It is very time-saving and energy-saving to sterilize a towel by heating it in a microwave. You’ll just need to go through 3 steps. And it also saves you much time drying the towel afterwards.

The following instructions will show you how to do it.

  • Wash your towel first. Then ​​squeeze out as much water from your wet towel as you can.
  • Put it in a microwave-safe Ziploc bag, so the towel won’t be contaminated by odors and oil stains in your microwave.
  • Leave the Ziploc bag open, and microwave it for about 2 minutes.

The process will kill the germs on the towel. All thanks to the high heat, the bacteria in the towel will die during the process. And your towel will be sanitary and smell good again.

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