How to Defrost Using a Neff Microwave? Follow These 4 Steps

Nowadays, there are many ways to defrost food. And one of the most convenient ways is to defrost food in a microwave oven.

You have a Neff microwave oven, but didn’t know how to use it for defrosting? Well, it’s very easy.

In this article, we’ll show you how to defrost with a Neff microwave. We would explain what foods are best for defrosting with a Neff microwave. Also, we would some tips to defrost properly.

Let’s get right to it.

How to Defrost with Neff Microwave?

Neff has been providing exceptional microwave ovens for decades. And its microwave ovens always have multiple functions.

Users could easily get lost among all the functions and settings. Don’t fret. Just follow these simple steps to defrost your frozen foods and have meals ready in a snap.

Step 1: Prepare the frozen food for defrosting

The first step is very basic. Just get your frozen food out of the freezer before you put it in the Neff microwave. Remove the package or plastic wrap on it, and place it on a microwave-safe plate.

If the frost is too strong, I’d recommend you to let it sit for a couple of minutes before it goes in the microwave. It will help defrost faster and evenly.

Step 2: Select the cooking program

After you put the food in the microwave, use the function selector to set the defrost function. When you use the function selector, a default value will appear in the display.

Then use the rotary selector to change the value till it’s set to the defrost function. Now you have the heating type set to the defrost mode.

Step 3: Choose the cooking item

When you have the Neff microwave set to defrost function, you’ll need to choose the item you want to defrost. It has cake, meat, bread and more.

Let’s say we need to defrost some meat. We’ll need to choose the meat option. And then the Neff microwave would give us further options like minced meat, chicken, beef and more to choose from. Just choose the kind of food you want to defrost.

When you have chosen the item you’d like to defrost, the Neff microwave would prompt you to enter the weight. You could use the rotary selector to put in the weight, and the Neff microwave will automatically set the right cooking time.

Step 4: Start defrosting

Press the start button and get the microwave working. It should be lighting up and start and the temperature display would light up gradually. And at this point, your frozen food would start to defrost in the Neff microwave.

When the defrosting process ended, you’d hear a signal sound from the Neff microwave. Turn the function selector to off position, and you can retrieve the food now.
If necessary, you could use the rotary selector to change the temperature or cooking time while the microwave is in operation.

What Kind of Food Can You Defrost in the Neff Microwave?

Sure, you can defrost a wide range of foods using the Neff microwave. If you want to use the default defrosting function and let the microwave decide the cooking time for you, there are certain kinds of foods that are included in the defrosting mode.

And they are minced meat, pieces of meat, chicken, chicken pieces and bread. This does not mean that you can’t defrost other foods using the Neff microwave. You just need to put in the cooking time and temperature yourself.

Tips and Notes for Defrosting Using a Neff Microwave

To ensure the cooking process goes smoothly, there are some tips and notes we should bear in mind when we use a Neff microwave for defrosting.

You’ll need to use shallow cookware without a lid when defrosting in the Neff microwave. Put the cooking items in microwave-safe shallow cookware without lid and put the cookware on the wire rack.

Bread should only be defrosted in the required amounts, as it can quickly become stale. If possible, it’s ideal to separate slices before defrosting.

If you’re defrosting quite a large amount of food, turn or stir the food once or twice in between the defrosting time.

During the defrosting time, large pieces of food should be turned several times. Therefore, the defrosting result could be thoroughly and evenly.

When you stir or turn the defrosting item, you should remove any liquid that has resulted from defrosting before you put the food back in the Neff microwave.

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