What Does P Mean on a Microwave? What Do the Symbols & Buttons Mean?

Thanks to microwaves, now we are capable of having meals ready in minutes. And the best part is you can use a microwave to cook all kinds of food.

However, all those buttons and controls on a microwave can be confusing sometimes. And we’re here to help you understand your microwave oven better.

What Does P Mean on a Microwave?

The P control is one you will find on many microwave oven models. For most of them, P means power in a microwave. And for most of the time, it’s there to indicate the power levels. Chances are you will have some numbers or descriptions like high, medium and low nearby to indicate the power level.

However, the meaning of P on a microwave could vary according to different microwave models. For some models out there, if you got the P on a button, it could mean pause. It allows you to pause the cooking process with the button, so you can turn the food or add ingredients during the cooking process.

So these are the most common meanings of the P on a microwave. And by now you may already have a good understanding of it. However, if you’re still not so sure about it, you could never go wrong to figure it out by checking the user manual or talking to a product support.

More Microwave Symbols Explained

  • Watts

W is commonly used as a power specification, using W (watt) as the unit. It indicates the rated output power. For example, 900W indicates that the microwave oven rated output power of 900 watts, and 700W that the microwave oven rated output power of 700 watts.

  • Timer

If you find a symbol like clock or hourglass on a microwave, it is the timer button. You could use the timer button to select the cooking time on the microwave.

  • Memory

If your microwave has a memory function, you will probably see an M button on it.

  • Safety Lock

Having a key-like symbol on your microwave means the child safety lock function. Use it to activate or deactivate the safety lock function.

  • Preset Menus

Preset menus for beverages, fish, and pizza could be shown on the microwave as food icons for you to choose from.

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