How long to Microwave Bean Bag Heating Pad? Is It Safe to Do That?

Bean bag heating pads are getting more and more popular as an alternative to electric heating pads. They can help relieve muscle spasms, joint pain, and stiffness by releasing heat to your body.

One of the reasons why bean bag heating pads are popular for heat therapy is the fact that it is natural and easy to use.

However, overheating a bean bag heating pad can pose some serious hazards. So how long should you microwave a bean bag heating pad? And how to use a bean bag heating pad safely?

In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about microwaving a bean bag heating pads so you can enjoy heating therapy safely.

How long to Microwave Bean Bag Heating Pad?

Heating breast milk is simple. And using the microwave is making it even simpler. It would save you so much effort and it will automatically heat the bean bag evenly.

Just follow these three steps to heat up a bean bag heating pad in the microwave:

1. If you get the bean bag heating pad from a store, there should be instructions telling you how long to microwave the bean bag heating pad. Check the recommended heating time before you put the bean bag heating pad in the microwave.

2. Put the bean bag heating bag on the turntable. If the bean bag is too big for the turntable, fold it over to make it fit.

3. Heat the heating pack in the microwave for the amount of time and at the power setting recommended on the instructions.

How to Safely Microwave DIY Bean Bag Heating Pads?

What if there is no instruction or whatsoever, how long should you microwave a bean bag heating pad?

If you don’t have any heating time recommended by the manufacturers, or you just made the bean bag yourself, some guesswork might be required.

For most bean bag heating pads, the heating time would be in the range of 2-3 minutes. If you have a relatively larger bean bag heating pad, you could heat it for another 30-60 seconds.

I’m afraid you will need to experiment a little if you don’t have detailed instructions on how long to heat up bean bag heating pads in the microwave. But it’s extremely easy to find the perfect time for your own heating pad.

For the first time, I would recommend you to start microwaving for 2 minutes and see if it reaches the desired temperature.

If not, you could microwave it for another 30 seconds each time until it’s ready. In this way, you will soon figure out the perfect heating time for your heating pad in a certain microwave oven.

To heat it safely, you should never leave the heating bean bag in the microwave unattended. And you should always carefully test the temperature before you apply the bean bag heating pad to your skin.

Is it safe to put a bean bag heating pad in the microwave?

Generally speaking, it is quite safe to use a bean bag heating pad. At least, it’s so much safer than using an electric heating pad.

The reason lies in that a bean bag heating pad is filled with natural stuffing, and it isn’t associated with electrical dangers.

However, some potential dangers associated with their use should be noted, too.

  • Fire Hazard

One thing you need to be most cautious of is overheating. If the bean bag heating pad is heated for too long or at too high of a temperature, it can become too hot. And this can cause serious fire and health hazards.

A bean bag heating pad would contain small dry beans or peas. Some might also have some wheat and flax seeds in it.

When the bean bag heating pad becomes too hot in the microwave, it could start combusting, which is really dangerous.

That’s why we should never leave the bean bag unattended in the microwave.

  • Burns

Also, an overheated bean bag heating pad could burn your skin. Children and senior citizens are especially at risk of burns from bean bag heating pads.

Therefore, you should never apply the heating pad directly to your skin. There should be cloth to keep your skin from exposing to the heating pad.

And you should test the temperature carefully before you apply the bean bag heating pad to your body.

To avoid causing burns, the bean bag heating pad shouldn’t be staying on your body for more than 20 minutes.

  • Allergies

Just because you won’t be eating the stuffing doesn’t mean it won’t cause allergies. If you’re allergic to beans, you should never use a bean bag heating pad. The process of heating it and applying it to your body is very likely to cause allergies.

Like we’ve mentioned before, a bean bag heating pad might have other stuffing except for beans. There could be any type of rice, peas, corn, buckwheat, flax seeds, grass and so on.

You should make sure you fully understand what’s inside of the heating pad before you actually use it, so it won’t pose a health hazard to you.

  • Other Potential Risks

A bean bag heating pad should never be put on open wounds or burns, for it will make them worse. And it will cause severe pain by putting heating pads on open wounds or burns.

Also, you should always think twice before you put a bean bag heating pad over your face or neck. Chances are it would pose a risk of suffocation or hurt your eyes with heat.

Just use the heating pad for heat therapy to relieve the pain on your body, not anywhere above your chest.

Bottom Line

Hopefully this post gives you a good idea of how long to microwave bean bag heating pad and how to use it safely.

By following these heating instructions and safety tips, you can help to ensure your heat therapy is safe and pleasing.

If you have any questions about microwaving bean bag heating pad, feel free to leave a comment down below!

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