How to Microwave Bagel Bites & How Long Does It Take

If you’ve ever caught yourself in need of a hot and simple snack, then knowing how to microwave Bagel Bites will be something that you wanna learn. With simple instructions, cooking Bagel Bites in the microwave is extremely easy. But the question is: How long do we need to wait when microwaving Bagel Bites?

Nobody wants to waste extra time microwaving frozen food and nobody wants uncooked Bagel Bites either. Here you will find the correct way to put Bagel Bites in the microwave.

How Long Does It Take to Microwave Bagel Bites?

Pizza/Bagel DogsMicrowaving TimeRecommended Power
4 Pieces50s – 60sHigh
9 Pieces2m20s – 2m30sHigh
12 Pieces3mHigh
More Than 12Microwave Not Recommended

Well, according to an old Bagel Bites cooking instruction, the more Bagel Bites snacks you have in the microwave, the longer you need to set the microwave timer. For most of the microwaves, 4 pieces of Bagel pizza need at least 50 – 60 seconds to get fully cooked. So if you buy a Bagel Bites with 9 pieces inside, you just need to add a few extra seconds for the last 5 pieces.

The official cooking time for 9 pieces of Bagel Bites is around 2 min 20 seconds – 2 min 30 seconds and 12 pieces require at least 3 minutes.

We know that some Bagel Bites come with a huge box, and the biggest party size contains 40 pieces. But I don’t recommend you put more than 12 pieces of Bagel Bites pizza for one time since that microwaving your food too long can make those pizzas soggy and rubbery. If you are looking for a way to cook a big batch of pizza, an oven is a smarter choice.

You Might Wanna Set The Time Accordingly

The microwaving time for Bagel Bites snacks is not always fixed.

The first thing you need to consider it’s your microwave’s wattage. Most microwaves for families sit somewhere between 600 to 1,200 watts, and you can see that’s a huge gap even in the category of home microwaves. That said, you should take into account the wattage when setting the timer as it may affect the final result of your food.

Apart from that, knowing what power level you are using is also vital. For people who have a microwave that features multiple microwave power levels, cooking Bagel Bites with the highest level definitely leads to better tastes according to my personal experience.

Do all the Bagel Bites Snacks Require The Same Time?

Bagel Bites is not all about pizza even though that’s what made them famous. They also have bagel dogs, which just look like mini hot dogs. So people may be wondering if they can still use the time chart above. Luckily, you don’t need to search how much time you need to microwave bagel dogs online because the microwaving time for bagel dogs is almost identical to Bagel Bites pizza snacks.

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